Payment Rescue and Migration

Are you concerned that your site payment practices are negatively impacting your trial? With over half of sponsors and CROs reporting consistent delays in investigator site payments, you are not alone.

Transcend Trials has the right expertise, processes, and systems to transition the investigator payment function from your ongoing study or an entire portfolio of studies. Using a project management approach, Transcend understands the nuances and steps necessary to migrate existing trials while not only minimizing the impact to your sites but also elevating their future payment experience —whether it has been managed internally or externally by a CRO or third-party provider. 

It’s not too late - you don’t have to wait until your next study and risk more damage to site relationships, trial enrollment, or haze in your financial visibility; let Transcend get you back on track today.


benefit 1.png

Catch-up outstanding payments and move forward with a clean financial plan

benefit 2.png

Gain control of your cash flow with a standardized, transparent payment process

Mitigate financial and compliance risk with our zero-base budget approach

benefit 4-small.png

Boost site engagement with timely and accurate investigator site payments

Interested in learning more about our Payment Rescue Service? Check out our Trevena/Medidata Case Study!